Hyundai Hope on Wheels


Any owner who has purchased a Hyundai in the last 21 years has given hope to children living with cancer and their loved ones. With the sale of every new vehicle, U.S. Hyundai dealers make a donation to Hyundai Hope On Wheels. These donations are what allow us to provide lifesaving research grants to hospitals across the country with the sole goal of finding a cure.

How Hope Works

Life-Saving Research

Hyundai Hope On Wheels creates awareness for pediatric cancers and awards large grants to doctors and premiere research centers for life-saving research. This 21-year HHOW commitment awards grants in various categories to researchers at eligible Children's Oncology Group member institutions. The highly-competitive grants are aimed at expanding the knowledge base of the disease and improving the standards of care. We are encouraged by the advances of technology, and by the potential breakthroughs enabling scientists to understand the disease better than ever. We are on target to award $16 million across 2019 in the form of research grants through our:

  • Quantum Collaboration Award: $2,500,000, a 4-year award
  • Hyundai Quantum Grant:   $1,000,000, a 4-year award
  • Hyundai Scholar Hope Grant:  $300,000, a 2-year award
  • Hyundai Young Investigator Grant:  $200,000, a 2-year award
  • Hyundai Impact Grant:   $100,000, an annual award

Dedication to innovation

The Since the founding more than 1,000 major grants have been awarded to help findinnovative approaches, facilitate discovery, and improve care for childhood cancers.

Every car counts

Every time a new Hyundai is sold,a donation is made to HyundaiHope on Wheels. 

Life-saving research

The advances in technology are encouraging, but the road is long. 


Every handprint is a symbol

One child's milestone can be another's beacon of hope.